Home News Boko Haram: Military on Edge Over Dangerous Moles Within

Boko Haram: Military on Edge Over Dangerous Moles Within


TVC E. Information has emerged that the military authorities are alarmed at the sophisticated network of Boko Haram terrorists’ moles within the defence, security and intelligence structures of the country.

This is coming as some senior officers have lamented harassment and threat of early retirement for allegations that they discussed the state of the armed forces with family members and friends.

The concerned military sources informed news men on Sunday that more than any other prevailing factors, the recent upsurge in well-coordinated and successful terrorist attacks against troops’ positions can be attributed to informants and saboteurs within their ranks.

This informed the recent meeting of those in the top echelons of the Nigerian Armed Forces at the Military Command and Control Centre (MCCC), Maiduguri, Borno State, to brainstorm  on new measures and effective change of strategy to tackle the rising wave of suicide bombings and deadly ambush attacks against troops engaged in the operation Lafiya Dole.

“This is a serious problem for us since the beginning of this operation. It was even worse during the past administration and if you can recall the then President Goodluck Jonathan warned and lamented that there are members of Boko Haram within his own government. What he said is completely true and even worse.

“The major challenge we have been having since counter-terrorism operation is deeply entrenched informants that have penetrated all sectors of our government and security sector. They regularly betray the position of our troops and this has come with heavy price for our troops,” a senior officer said.



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