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Recession : FG urged to explore blue economy


Image result for Nigerian oceansAs Nigeria struggles to diversify her economy, many informed Nigerians are pointing towards the ocean for a possible solution to the nation’s current economic woes.

Operators in the maritime industry believe that the country will prosper if it capitalizes on the immense potential that resides within the blue economy.

The call for economic diversification has never been louder than it is right now in Nigeria, more so with the uncertainties in the commodity market, and the crash in oil prices around the world.

While advancing opinions at the inauguration of the executive committee of the African Maritime Journalists Association, several speakers noted that the reason why Nigeria with a coastline of at least 853 km has not optimized her ocean potential is because prospects in that sector are under reported.

Others suggested that governments should play key roles in driving the framework for the development
of the ocean economy.

The blue economy encompasses all economic activities associated with the oceans, seas, harbours, ports, and coastal zones.


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