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Senate : Power privatisation failed Nigerians


power-plant-ugheliMembers of the Senate Committee on Privatisation say there has been no significant improvement in the power sector performance three years after privatisation.

This was the conclusion as the committee led by its chairman Ben Murray Bruce toured distribution companies and power stations in Lagos.

When the government handed the power sector over to private investors in November, of 2013 it was to meet the yearnings of millions of Nigerians who had truly believed that the sector would be better managed without government interference.

But three years on, the consensus is that the sector remains bogged down by the same level of non-performance that has held it down for decades.

For the investors, the challenges remain the same and trying to fix them has become even more daunting. According to them, the senate needs to assist them break the cycle of non-performance.

As Nigerians expect some level of positive activity to justify the fate in the private sector, one thing is sure: the era of finger-pointing has effectively ended.


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