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Accountants task FG on diversification


icanThe Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria says the only way the country can quicken it’s move away from recession is to uphold integrity
in the management of the planned $29 billion that government is seeking to borrow.

The ICAN president was speaking at the inauguration of the BBC professionals outfit in Lagos.

With the Nigerian government trying every measure to fix the economy, and a fresh a plan to borrow almost $30 billion, partners of BBC professionals believe what is needed is a focus on projects that have the potential of creating jobs and empower citizens.

Managing partner of BBC professionals says the country will get it right if it musters the will to look inwards and demand professionalism as a core way of doing business.

Since Nigeria was hit with a fluctuating price in crude oil and the resultant drop in income, experts have renewed their call for a full diversification of the economy. Forums like this will no doubt offer more opportunities to allow government finetune its strategies to fix the economy.


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