The United Nations is worried the Humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s North East may linger, if it is not tackled within the next eighteen months.

the UN Security Council stated this during their visit to Nigeria, and is asking the international community, and the Nigerian government to redouble their efforts.

TVC News Dooshima Abu reports that  it is the first time ever a team from the UN Security Council is visiting Nigeria since the Boko Haram crisis started in 2009.

The seven year insurgency has led to the death of about 20,000 innocent citizens and millions of others have been rendered homeless and now take refuge in IDP camps.

A large number of others including some of the Chibok girls are still in captivity.

And so this visit for some Nigerians is long over due,? but it is better late than never.

The humanitarian situation in the region is getting worse by the day.  Even the few aid workers on ground are overwhelmed.

Many of the agencies like UNICEF say they are short of funds to operate due to slow response from international donors.

The aid agencies also blame the Nigerian authorities for not telling the world the extent of the crisis. But just recently in Norway, the government cried out for help.

Pledges were made by countries and donors and many directly involved, believe now is the time to redeem.

The delegates describe as pathetic the living condition of the IDPS and promise to inform the Security Council the true situation of thing Once they return to New York.




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