Image result for Togolese protests fuel hike priceHundreds of people took to the streets of Lome to protest against a hike in fuel prices.

The protesters are also calling for justice after a man was killed in a protest earlier this month.

The Togolese government had increased fuel prices by about 10% on February the 27th, the second increase in a month.

The latest hike triggered violent demonstrations in the Togolese capital, which involved taxi drivers and motorcycle riders blocking several crossroads and having to be dispersed by the police.

A demonstrator was shot and several others were wounded, while a state-owned bus was burnt down.

The march was part of a nationwide demonstration called for by the Teachers’ unions, after a teacher was killed by unidentified gunmen on March the 3rd in one of the schools close to the border with Mali and Niger.

Teachers marched to the Ministry of National Education and Literacy, where they staged a sit-in to express their anger.




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