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18 South Sudan’s SPLA Soldiers join rebel forces


Some troops from Juba have dumped the government,and joined the rebel forces.Dozens of South Sudan soldiers, abandoned their positions and joined the armed opposition troops led by Brigadier Gen. Musa Dakumi.

Lam Paul, a deputy rebel spokesperson, said the soldiers defected after allegedly, witnessing several mistreatment of civilians that include rape, and the killing of innocent children in Wau.

Four people have died and 8 others sustained injuries, when 3 suicide bombers detonated their explosives on Saturday night in Borno state, North-east Nigeria.

Spokesman of the Borno state police command, Isuku Victor confirmed the incident, saying the bombers, a male and 2 females, attempted to infiltrate Maiduguri town through a village.

They were intercepted by the Civilian joint task force.

But at the point of interrogation, the bombers detonated the explosives strapped to their bodies , while they ran in different directions.


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