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Expert blames quackery for building collapse


Image result for Expert blames quackery for building collapseA building construction expert, Folashade Salabiu Awokoya, said building collapse in various parts of the country has been attributed to lack of professional planning as well as use of inferior material.

Awokoya, who identified adulterated goods and the penchant for people to take over professional job of building their individual houses without the technical know-how of building, for minimising cost, said these are catalysts for incessant building collapse.

“People don’t think of the future; no research on the land they intend to build on; they are the engineers of their own houses; they lack the will to consult before beginning the foundation of their houses. These factors and so many others contribute to building collapse in this country,” she said.

According to her, erosion problem should not have been a thing of concern at all, if proper planning and soil test were taken into cognizance before erecting building on any land.

Awokoya asked: “The foundational cost may look high but is it not better than shoddy and stingy spending which would be costlier when the whole building collapses, especially when lives are involved?”

She said the firm is determined to ensure that avoidable pitfalls that could lead to building collapse and its attendant loss of lives and money become things of the past.


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