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Ghana remembers death of ex-servicemen 69years after


Flags were raised at the Freedom Monument in Accra to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the shooting to death of three ex-servicemen at the Christian-borg Crossroads on February 28, 1948.

The death of the three, played a major role in securing the then Gold Coast’s independence from colonial rule in 1957.

Eunice Agyare-Okyere reports from the wreath-laying ceremony where the incident was re-enacted.

It’s just days to Ghana’s sixtieth anniversary and the country cannot forget the three men who played a role in the country’s attainment of independence.

Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey, all members of the Gold Coast Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force, that fought alongside the allied forces during the Second World War, were killed while the Regiment was going to present a petition to the then British Colonial Governor, Sir Gerald Creasy.

Anti-colonial movements pressured the British government to institute a committee to investigate the killings. A committee was set up and it recommended self-government for the Gold Coast, which subsequently led to the attainment of political independence for the country on March 6, 1957.


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