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I still remain South Africa’s finance minister – Gordhan


Image result for I still remain South Africa's finance minister - GordhanThe fate of South Africa’s finance minister Pravin Gordhan is again in question following reports that president Zuma is seeking to have him replaced.

That’s again weakened the country’s currency but Gordhan himself insists he still has his job.

TVC’s Vauldi Carelse reports that President Jacob Zuma is not saying – at least not publicly.
but there were reports Tuesday that he’s to remove Gordhan.

The Finance Minister has fallen out with many in the African National Congress over his tight control of state finances – and his strong stand against corruption.

And he’s fallen out with Zuma, because he refuses to play ball with the Guptas – close friends of the president.

Those tensions with the Guptas are coming to a head this week.

The Finance Minister approached the courts for a declaratory order. He wants the court to say that he can’t intervene for the Guptas fight against the banks.

Four of the country’s major banks closed their accounts with the Guptas. Gordhan says he was pressured by the family to help re-open their accounts.

The case continues on Wednesday. Whether Pravin Gordhan will still be finance minister then is not clear.


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