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NGO teaches girls how to make Renewable Energy

NGO teaches girls how to make Renewable Energy


Cameroonian young girls are being trained to use renewable energy to provide electricity and gas for their homes.

TVC News’ Nasir Agbalaya reports that a Non – Governmental organisation in Cameroon is teaching young girls how to convert biological waste to energy. in the form of biogas.

Anything from discarded fruits to grass as well as chicken droppings – once ingredients for a menacing waste problem for the community, can now be a source of power.

The waste is ground together to produce a mixture that is then poured into a bio-digester to produce biogas, which can be used for cooking or heating and can power small generators to run household electrical appliances.

Women and girls, especially in rural areas are often those responsible in their households for procuring and using cooking fuels.

According to data from the World Bank, only 53 percent of Cameroon’s population of 23 million has access to electricity. And Cooking gas that are sold in containers are not affordable to many. A 12kg cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas costs nearly 10 US dollars, according to the country’s Ministry of Trade.

Families benefiting from the cheap biogas say they are using the money they save for other essential items such as school fees and medical care.

“I think instead of us going out to buy cooking gas, we can use biogas because it will be more cheaper and with biogas that we have created ourselves we can get like sewages, wastages from like pawpaw peelings, banana peelings and make our gases and due to that, we will be able to produce our own energy like to cook, to have like electricity in our homes,” said one student Erica Lobe.

So far, the project has benefited 3,000 households in northern and southern Cameroon, which have received domestic biodigesters through the project, and demand is growing fast.



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