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OPC condemns rejection of regionalism


Image result for OPC condemns rejection of regionalismThe Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has condemned the rejection of regionalism, by some northern elders, as agreed at the 2014 National Conference organised by the last administration.

The OPC leader described the pronouncement of the northern elders as an affront on the collective psyche of Nigerians and a deliberate breach to a collective agreement.

The group said regionalism was the minimum option for a united Nigeria, failure of which the country would be heading towards the path of disintegration

The Northern elders, many of who members of the 2014 National Conference, rose from their meeting, decrying regionalism.

The northern elders’ declaration came days after the British and the French envoys to Nigeria canvassed a one indivisible Nigeria, even at a time when self-determinism is gaining ground across the world.

The National Coordinator of OPC Otunba Gani Adams, condemned the pronouncement of the Arewa elders, saying it was a call for anarchy.

According to Adams, the declaration of the northern elders is a mere figment of imagination that cannot represent the position of the majority of northerners.



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