Image result for Italian firm to invest 40m euros in waste recycling plant in NigeriaManagement Environmental Finance, An Italian firm, has planned in establishing wastes recycling plant in Calabar with an investment package totaling 40 million Euros.

A team of Italian delegation led by Chinedu Okpalama, made this known that the leading project in Nigeria for treatment of solid waste, recycling of raw materials and retrieval of energy in the state will gulp 40million Euros to be invested by the the firm with out funding from the state.

Okpalama said the facility will have the capacity to treat 500,000 tonnes per year of municipal solid waste when fully built, the plant will run for 7920 hours per year as well as produce 4.2mw of energy per hour.

He said it will cost Cross River nothing to install the plant, the company is committed to using the state as its lead.

He added that the establishment of the plant in Cross River will cost 40 million Euros and this will be the hub for environmentally treated waste.




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