The US automotive industry has suffered its fourth straight month of declining sales with US

car and truck sales falling more than expected for April.


Overall car sales fell 4.7% to nearly 1.43 million, Image result for carswith an 11.1 % percent decline in car sales from April 2016, according to industry tracker Autodata.

Major car manufacturers Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota all reported declines in US sales for the month of April, with Fiat Chrysler’s sales falling 6.9%, Ford’s sales down 7.2%, General Motors down 5.8%, Nissan down 1.5% and Toyota’s sales down 2%.

Ford, General Motors and Toyota all had declining sales for the month of April compared to April 2016, with Ford sales falling 7% from a year ago, General Motors down 5.8%, Toyota’s sales down 4.4%, while Fiat-Chrysler also recorded a decline in sales compared to April last year of 6.8%.




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