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African Customs Organisations to improve trade facilitation


Image result for African Customs Organisations to improve trade facilitationAfrican Customs organizations are working to help improve trade facilitation on the continent, this was the thrust of discussions at their joint meeting in Abuja.

Lara Afolayan reports that the first extra ordinary meeting of African Union Sub-committee of
Directors General of customs is expected to boost the operations of customs’ services in Africa.

It is a development the fiscal authorities believe is necessary considering present economic challenges.

The World Customs organization feels participants should develop a common strategy towards tackling problems that confront their operations.

The Nigerian Customs says it is already collaborating with other African nations to enhance trade facilitation, adding that the meeting is to further strengthen existing plans.

The African Union and other stakeholders advise countries to expedite efforts at being a continental free trade area.

It believes this will greatly push up Africa’s global competitiveness ranking.

This meeting is coming ahead of the World Customs Organization’s meeting later this year where the continent is expected to come up with a common strategy on promoting intra-African trade.


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