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Albinos face serious discrimination in Africa, says Albinism Network


The Public Relations Officer of Albinism Network, Nigeria, Daniel Usonegbu has identified social acceptance, medical problems and relationship with other people as three major challenges confronting Albinos in Africa.

Speaking in an interview with TVC News on the International Day of Albinism Awareness, Usonegbu said the only difference between the Albinos and other human being is the skin colour, so there should be no segregation.

He decried the discrimination against Albinos when seeking for employment opportunities. Usonegbu explained that Albinos are denied employment because of their skin color, adding that they are also being jilted in relationships by their spouse and regarded as not being presentable.

The Albinism Network’s spokesperson said the segregation has left Albinos traumatized, wondering if they are really different from other human being.

Usonegbu, however, said Albinos are better appreciated in Nigeria compared to Tanzania and other countries. He therefore urged Nigerian Government and Nigerians to do more in order to lay good examples for other countries.

He calls for more support from the government, non-governmental organization and people around so their assistance can get to the Albinos that really need this help.

Usonegbu appealed to government to subsidise Albino skincare products, so as to make them affordable for a large number of them.


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