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June 12, seed of Nigeria’s struggle for democracy – Shehu Sani


Image result for MKO AbiolaA Senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani has described June 12,1993 Presidential Election as the seed of  Nigeria’s struggle for democracy.

Sani disclosed this in an interview with TVC News Political Correspondent, Ayodele Ozugbakun at the lkeja home of the late philanthropist.

The Human rights activist turned politician said June 12 was the first time Nigerians united despite religious and ethnic differences to elect a leader they believed could deliver them the needed dividend of democracy.

Sani said as a strong member of the forces that championed the campaign against military rule in Nigeria, he was confident that without June 12, 1993 presidential election, the present day democracy may not have come into being.

He said: “June 12, 1993 remains the seed of Nigeria’s struggle for  democracy. It was the first time Nigerians united against their ethnic and religious differences and elected a leader they believed could delivered them from the agony of the military rule,

“June 12, 1993 remains the hallmark and mother of the modern day democracy in Nigeria that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. It was the time the first gun shot against military rule in Nigeria was shot into the air.

“Whatever we are enjoying in Nigeria today in terms of democracy, it’s foundation was laid in 19993. As a member of the Social activists group, the memory of June 12 struggle still lingers.

“We are here today to refresh the memory and see h0ow we can better on our past struggles to mae Nigeria better,” Sani said.

Coalition of Civil Society Groups are currently holding a public lecture at the Ikeja home of late MKO Abiola to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the widely acceptable election in Nigeria.


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