Home Business NCRI set to begin trials for modified rice seeds
NCRI set to begin trials for modified rice seeds

NCRI set to begin trials for modified rice seeds


Image result for modified rice seedsNigeria is one of the world’s largest rice consumers but its production capacity can barely meet local demand.

Technology experts from the National Cereal Research Institute now say genetically modified rice could help bridge the country’s rice demands

The NCRI  was by government to carry out confined field trials of genetically modified rice.

Biosafety authorities had visited the agency to survey the institute’s preparedness to carry out the trials.

The assessment was because a previous field trial was done for rice seeds at the institute but the results were below expectation. But NCRI scientists say it was due to natural reasons.

The institute has now been provided with news seeds to begin another field trial.

The seeds are described as having the capacity to give massive yields to farmers that could help Nigeria with its food security problem.

The new field trial will take three months.

Its success will allow for additional trials to ensure its readiness for commercial release. The experts say this process would take at least five years.

Recent rumours accused the Nigerian authorities’ and the private sector of introducing poisonous genetically modified seeds into the system.

This allegation has since been denied by the appropriate authorities.

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