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Ondo: PDP seeks postponement of the election

Ondo: PDP seeks postponement of the election


TVC N. Justice has been served, but we still seek postponement of the election. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wish to appreciate the Nigerian judiciary for standing behind truth as if affects the attempt by “enemies within” working in consonance with some jittery and desperate opposition members, to thwart the participation of our party in the Ondo State Governorship election.

2. The judgments delivered on Tuesday by the Supreme Court as well as the well researched and sound judgement of the Court of Appeal of today. have rekindled the hope of the common man that, justice might be delayed, but will surely come provided the oppressed refuse to give up on his rights.

3. The judgment delivered by the Justice Salauwa led Appeal Court Panel which returned the validly elected candidate of our party, to his rightful place was expected because we were sure that the travesty of justice carried out at the lower court would in any sane society, not stand the test of time.

4. It is gratifying to note that all the seven issues before the. Appeal panel as relates to the illegal substitution of our candidate, were decided in favour of Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) our candidate. This goes to prove that what transpired at the lower court was a miscarriage of justice.

5. We hope in all sincerity that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which was a major player in the illegal substitution of our candidate, a decision rightfully reversed today by the Appeal Court, will toe the line of dignity and fairness by heeding the call for the postponement of the election to enable our candidate tell the people of the state his programmes for them through campaigns.

6. This is the least honourable thing the electoral umpire can do to show it’s unbiased in this matter.

7. We want to salute the courage and steadfastness of members of our party, the great people of Ondo State and all well-wishers who stood by us while the fight against the forces of darkness lasted.

8. We hope that the rest issues before the court as it affects our party will be treated with dispatch and justice served.

9. We wish to once more, reiterate our call on INEC to postpone the Ondo governorship election in view of the fact that our candidate have been robbed of the opportunity to campaign, unlike others, who have traversed the nooks and crannies of the state, telling lies to the people in the name of campaign promises.

10. In the spirit of natural justice, we are of the opinion that against the backdrop of the fact that INEC was a party to the suit before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and is well aware of the steps taken by certain parties to the Suit to frustrate the course of justice, before God’s intervention through the courts, the election should be postponed for a minimum of two weeks.

11. We insist that it will be nothing but injustice not to allow our candidate campaign and tell the people his plans for their continued development before the election is conducted.

12. Postponing this election for two weeks definitely won’t hurt anybody, except the fact that it would disrupt the possible plans by some desperate persons to rig the Saturday election.

Prince Dayo Adeyeye.
National Publicity Secretary

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