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Delta political violence : Victim recounts ordeal

Delta political violence : Victim recounts ordeal


Image result for giddys place deltaMust Nigerian politicians play politics about everything, including the things that affect the lives and well-being of citizens adversely?

Should politics be played with elements of wickedness, ruthlessness, victimisation, bitterness, malice, vendetta, barbarism, etc as if it is the norm in other countries.

And is it ideal and reasonable for Nigerians to comfortably watch the politicians in power, play any kind of dirty politics they deem fit and proper to dish out to perceived enemies?

These are some of the questions TVC News correspondent Carl Ofonye has been asking after visiting two victims of politics of bitterness in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

A deserted recreation centre and the man dressed in immaculate white attire in front of it can be ranked the number one and number two victims of politics of bitterness in Delta state this millennium.

The recreation centre belongs to the state government while the man standing in front of it owns another relaxation spot just behind this fence covered by bush.

The man is called Gideon Nwaomu. But in Delta State and beyond, he is simply known as Giddys because of his popular and booming recreation centre called GIDDY’S PLACE.

Giddy’s Place was so popular in Asaba between the year 2000 and 2011 to the extent that it was listed in Delta State official website as a tourist destination of note in the state capital.

In short, there was no African delicacy ranging from fresh fish pepper soup to Isi ewu, Nkwobi, ugba and Okporoko that you wanted to eat while relaxing with your beer or palm wine that you won’t find in Giddy’s Place.

But today, you can’t even spot a structure inside the premises anymore to depict that it was a relaxation centre for fun seekers.

A wall erected by the then state government to block access to Giddy’s Place was the only thing visible when TVC News Crew visited the relaxation spot.

Only God knows how many snakes, lizards and rodents which are carriers of lassa fever that have been inhabiting GIDDY’S PLACE since this thick bush took it over and entrenched itself as proxy chief host of the recreation centre.

But what brought GIDDY’S PLACE to this sorry state? Who is to blame for the sad development?

Mr Nwaomu lamented that despite his efforts to keep the vision alive by setting up Giddy’s Place in another location in Asaba, his customers were not forthcoming as before.

Nwanonu says he thought the storm was over when on the 22nd of March 2016 a high Court in Delta State gave judgment on the case he instituted against the state government for destroying his business.

The judgment was to the effect that the Delta state government must return the premises to Gideon Nwaonu within seven days of the judgment and also pay him two hundred million naira as damages.

But it was not to be. Instead, the state government now led by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa who is from the same senatorial district as Gideon Nwaomu has appealed the landmark judgment that was widely applauded by majority of Deltans.

The Delta state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Peter Mrakpor who TVC News contacted on phone over the matter disclosed government’s position on the judgment.

Meanwhile, as the case lingers, the government’s recreation center in front of Giddy’s Place has ceased functioning

The then Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan constructed the centre to assuage the feelings of the people.

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