Home Business N145 per litre unrealistic, says IPMAN
N145 per litre unrealistic, says IPMAN

N145 per litre unrealistic, says IPMAN



Image result for Independent marketers say N145 per litre unrealisticThe Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, western zone, has accused private depots of selling petroleum products to their members above the regulated price.

The marketers say they find it difficult to break even just as the Ilorin branch of the association threatens that all filling stations will be closed  if the trend is not reversed within seven days.

Correspondent Ibrahim Alege reports that some filling stations in Ilorin, the Kwara capital are not dispensing fuel.

This, the independent petroleum marketers association of Nigeria attributed to the inability of the filling stations within the western zone to lift fuel from the private depots at regulated price.

The IPMAN chairman, western zone, Debo Ahmed says members are constantly running at a loss and can no longer lift fuel at unregulated price from private depots and sell at regulated price to the public.

IPMAN says if the 5 NNPC depots in the zone were working, members wouldn’t have to pay through their nose to lift fuel from private depots and still run at a loss.

The association  appealed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to stop collecting Bulk Purchase Agreement fee since independent marketers no long lift fuel from the NNPC depots.



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