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South Africa formally revokes withdrawal from ICC

South Africa formally revokes withdrawal from ICC


South Africa has revoked its notice to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

The decision follows a ruling by the country’s own courts – that the government broke the law in rushing ahead with the pull-out.

At the same time the Hague-based court has summoned the country to explain why it failed to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir two years ago.

TVC’s Vauldi Carelse reports that South Africa fell out with the ICC in 2015, over Sudan’s president Omar Al
Bashir who was wanted by the court for crimes against humanity but South Africa refused to arrest him when he visited.

The government’s been forced to backtrack now because it tried to withdraw without consulting Parliament.
And a court has ruled, that breaches the Constitution.

Opponents to the withdrawal include some of the country’s top legal minds. They say the court is only hope for justice – for many millions across Africa.

The ruling African National Congress enjoys a big majority – so can still easily push it through, and set the withdrawal in motion again – legally this time.

Ahead of that, the government must explain its refusal to arrest President Bashir. The ICC has summoned it to appear at the Hague, early next month.


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