Home News No strain in my relationship with Buhari – El-Rufai
No strain in my relationship with Buhari – El-Rufai

No strain in my relationship with Buhari – El-Rufai


Image result for nasir el rufai muhammadu buhariKaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has debunked insinuations that his memo to President Muhammadu Buhari which was leaked to the public has caused a strain in their relationship.

El-Rufai made the clarification after observing Juma’at prayers with the President at the Aso Rock Villa on Friday.

It was the first time El-Rufai joined in Friday gathering since the President’s return from medical leave about three weeks ago.

His absence had fuelled insinuations that he had fallen out of favour with President Buhari.

A memo he wrote to the President which was leaked to the public while the President was on medical leave, was cited as cause for the frosty relations and his reduced visits to the Presidential Villa since the beginning of the year seemed to justify this claim.

It is a claim El-Rufai was keen to dispel, stressing that the leaking of the memo was the work of those officials in the Villa that did not like his face.

He pointed out that many of the concerns he raised in the memo had since been addressed.

The Kaduna State Governor also chose to speak on his recent altercation with the National Assembly, insisting that he had no personal issues with the Federal Legislative Body.

Rather, he said he was just reminding the National Assembly of a pledge it had made to the people that its budget would be open to scrutiny by the public.

The Kaduna State Governor in his parting shot, urged those who say they love the President to reduce their personal visits to him, in order to allow him not only to fully recover, but to get a lot more work done.

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