Home Politics #LagosCouncilElections #LagosCouncilElections: Lagos remains most secured state in Nigeria – Tinubu
#LagosCouncilElections: Lagos remains most secured state in Nigeria – Tinubu

#LagosCouncilElections: Lagos remains most secured state in Nigeria – Tinubu


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TinubuThe National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has described Lagos State as the most  secured of the all the 36 states in Nigeria.

The former Lagos state governor made the comment while responding to to questions shortly after casting his ballot during the local government elections in the Ikeja area of Lagos.

Tinubu said the Saturday Local government elections in the state has been going smoothly. He attributed the success recorded so far to the commitment of the people of Lagos.

He said:

“The exercise is going smoothly. Thanks to the people of Lagos state. They respected the day, they respect the governor and our party. Why I  came here late is simply because I have been monitoring the exercise in various parts of the state. The exercise has been peaceful and going smoothly. “

When asked if  the outcome of the election will impact positively on grassroots development and protection of life and properties especially now that  there are concerns on the growing insecurity in the state, the former governor said: there is no state that is as secured as Lagos. Give it to Lagos, give it to Southwest. And as for the infrastructure, you can see it yourself, or…..should I loan you my glasses?”… Tinubu jokingly asked the reporter.

Tinubu who described the disagreements that followed the APC Council primaries in the state as expected, said it is part of politics and a beauty of democracy.

His words:

The fallout from our party primary is all politics. It’s all beauty of Politics. You see, for every position during the primaries, there were at least 17 aspirants and unfortunately, there can only be one chairman in a local government, one Councillor in a ward. So in the process, it is possible to have clash of interest. So, if that happened, you can’t rule out disagreement.”

Speaking on the steps taken by the party leadership to address those grievances, the astute politician said:

“Like I have said, the high number of aspirants that showed interest in our party during the primaries, is a clear indication of the prospect of the party. So, the highest party leadership has developed a strong internal mechanism of resolving any issue. The party leadership did not ask anyone not to contest,  the party gave everyone the opportunity to express his or her interest.”

Tinubu however, said that some of those protesting against the outcome of the party primaries, are doing so for their selfish interest. He added that some of them have held on their local government for long, so when they were stripped off of such opportunity, they resulted into blackmail.

His words:

“As much as people have the rights to express their displeasure on any issue, some of those protesting against the outcome of the party primaries are just doing so, on selfish basis. Many o them of held on to their local government structure for long like a personal property, so when they were stripped off of such power, you’ll expect them to protest.”


Tinubu commended the the electoral officials and the security agencies for their commitment at ensuring a peaceful election and urged them to maintain the temple throughout the exercise.

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