Home Business Yam exports : Ogbeh dismisses criticisms
Yam exports : Ogbeh dismisses criticisms

Yam exports : Ogbeh dismisses criticisms


Image result for audu ogbehMinister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh has dismissed criticisms of the country’s yam export insisting that the move was done in the nation’s economic interest.

Critics of the initiative feel processing yams into finished goods could have been more economically beneficial to Nigeria instead of exporting.

But the Agriculture Minister disagrees.

He says the suggested option was considered before the decision to export raw yams was taken.

There have also been fears of possible yam shortage considering Nigeria’s existing food security problems.

The agriculture authorities insist this is not going to happen.

An inter-ministerial committee on zero rejects has now been constituted to allow for better acceptability of Nigeria’s agriculture commodities abroad.

Mr Ogbeh adds that already local chemical production efforts are being assessed to eradicate army worms, that have infested maize farms across the country.

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