Home Entertainment ‘After a long relationship, I can’t propose to a man’ – Olajumoke Alawode – James
‘After a long relationship, I can’t propose to a man’ – Olajumoke Alawode – James

‘After a long relationship, I can’t propose to a man’ – Olajumoke Alawode – James


YourView TVC co-host, Olajumoke Alawode – James has revealed she will not go ahead to ask a

man’s hand in marriage after dating him for a long time.

She made this revelation during the TVC YourView show on Thursday as the topic of discussion was ‘how will a man feel if a lady proposes’.

The discussants were OAP Mark Otabor, TVC presenter Mayowa Ajayi, YourView Host Morayo Afolabi Brown , Co-host YourView Akashat – Zibi Nyma, Movie Producer Miss WanaWana and Journalist Damilola Odolowu.

Image may contain: 1 personIn the heat of the argument, Olajumoke said:  ”In toasting, a woman can give the man green light through body gesture but for marriage, you’re a woman, make use of your power I can’t propose to a man. Men are hunters, they are suppose to hunt the women not the other way round. Culture is a tradition of people that is widely accepted.

”Culture evolves but the best way is that, you as a lady can softly have that conversation on what you guys are doing without proposing, I think ladies should better still give obvious signs to get him informed instead of proposing. An African man will not find it funny. A lady can give the body language but not be the one to propose. Give him signs that nearly a blind man will see.”

While Morayo the host partly agreed with her, and still think there is nothing wrong with a woman proposing, Miss WanaWana and others believes most of those videos we watch of ladies being surprised when their man propose, is just for Instagram show off.

Akashat-Zibiri Nyma added: ”In my religion, the prophet’s wife proposed to him. I don’t see a big deal if the woman proposes to a man, a woman will not find it easy for fear of being disrespected bit I see nothing wrong with a woman proposing.”



Image may contain: 1 person, screenHowever, the journalist, Damilola is of the opinion that, ”If a woman proposes to a man, it makes the man feel emasculated.




Image may contain: 1 person, textSport Analyst and Presenter Mayowa drops, ”If you have a timid man and you love him, be courageous like Deborah in the bible and propose to that man. A woman can give signs to motivate a man, but what if the man is not forth coming.”



Mark Otabor countered him saying: ”If any woman proposes to me, it means that its clear that she wants attention. In a relationship, the only time a man has to shine is when he kneels down to ask his lady “would you marry me?”


It’s a belief in this part of the world that it’s in the place of man to propose to a woman. But when you see a woman proposing to a man, one unconsciously begins to question the act as it goes against the general norms of the society.

How will a man feel if a lady proposes? Let us know your view on this.



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