Home Entertainment Ooni of Ife dazzles in new palace, amidst unconfirmed marriage break up rumour
Ooni of Ife dazzles in new palace, amidst unconfirmed marriage break up rumour

Ooni of Ife dazzles in new palace, amidst unconfirmed marriage break up rumour

Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi the Ooni of Ife in less than two years of ascending the thrones of his fore fathers has totally changed the face of the Ife Kingdom including the Oduduwa house, his palace.

The great monarch has renovated the palace in a total overhaul that has left the palace almost unrecognizable. Amidst rumours that the King and his Queen Olori Wuraola are going through marital crisis, the Royal household has moved into the refurbished palace and the beauty cannot even be described. The video making the rounds online shows the King and some of his chiefs in the palace after it has been renovated. No doubt, King Adeyeye is a monarch with a difference who will make a great and positive impact in Yoruba land as he has promised.

Besides, It’s no longer news that the Ooni of Ife’s marriage to Olori Wuraola has crashed irrevocably, what is news is that a new queen has already been picked for the Ooni.

It was also reported that Olori Wuraola and the Ooni didn’t court for long and didn’t really know each other that much before getting married.  Wuraola went into the marriage with high expectations from the new Ooni, but when those expectations were not met, she allegedly started to act up.

“They have been having issues for many months now. But the Ooni finally knew his marriage to Wuraola was nearing its end after they returned from London in March.

Online report has it that, after the Olori staged the walk against domestic violence in Lagos in July, the Ooni told a few friends that his marriage to the Olori was over, but it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he informed her family that he no longer wanted the marriage and asked the Olori to leave.

The Ooni married Olori Wuraola shortly after meeting her last year.

Sources close to the estranged couple said that, after Ooni ascended the throne, a wife was needed urgently and he was introduced to Wuraola, who at the time was with a Lebanese business man.

But immediately the Ooni indicated interest to marry her, she quickly dumped the Lebanese man and went with the new Ooni.


“She was with this guy in February 2016, in fact she had their photo on her Whatsapp DP and just the following month, in March, she was married to the Ooni.


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