Home News I will defeat Buhari in 2019 – Fayose says as he declares to run
I will defeat Buhari in 2019 – Fayose says as he declares to run

I will defeat Buhari in 2019 – Fayose says as he declares to run


Fayose-TVCNewsEkiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has said he will defeat President Muhammadu Buhari in a free and fair presidential election.

Fayose made the assertions during his declaration to contest the 2019 presidential election as a candidate of the opposition PDP.

He said his record of defeating two incumbent governors in separate governorship elections in Ekiti State were pointers that he will defeat the President in 2019.

Fayose promised improve Nigeria’s economic fortune and ensure diversification of the country’s economy through agriculture, adequate power supply and creation of jobs for youths.

“Our country is faced with myriads of problems, our economy that was the fastest growing in Africa when our party was in power has gone comatose with the present managers who are completely clueless,” Mr. Fayose stated.

He noted that Nigeria had never been more divided along ethnic and religious lines as it is now under the present Buhari administration.

“Most worrisome is the fact that our country is now more divided than ever before with the unity of the country being threatened due to nepotism, religious bigotry, and favoritism of the present government,” said the Ekiti State Governor.

Regarding the PDP’s position that it has zoned the presidency to the North, Mr. Fayose maintained that no one had come out to express interest, adding that the PDP should not wait or beg anyone to fly its presidential flag. He said he was also confident of defeating other aspirants in the party, pointing to the Biblical David’s defeat of Goliath.

“I challenged the North to come out with their candidates. I want to challenge all of them to the field. What are you afraid of? Come out. I [have thrown] my hat in the ring. Let them come and face me,” said the Ekiti Governor.

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