Home Entertainment Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation may lead to unplanned war – Actor Ejike Asiegbu
Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation may lead to unplanned war – Actor Ejike Asiegbu

Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation may lead to unplanned war – Actor Ejike Asiegbu


Veteran Nollywood actor, Ejike Asiegbu, has said the activities of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, negate the rule of engagement of the Biafra struggle as he is yet to see what the Ibo leaders and youths have done so far.

Asiegbu expressed the view on YourView TVC Show on Friday, adding that the activities of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, could only lead to an unplanned war which was against the Biafra struggle.

”There will be a greater Nigeria if we stay together else this struggle could lead to war. We are brothers, let us sit together and see how we can make the country one and bring peace back again.”

According to him, any attacks on northerners will be counter-productive as many Igbos are resident in the north.

Few months ago the IPOB leader wrote:

Let me state that the struggle for a better Nigeria that promotes good governance, equity and fairness irrespective of ethnic, religious and political affiliation remains my primary objective. The LNF is meant to be an alternative where the hope for restructured Nigeria diminishes. Though some of my brothers either prefer a united Niger Delta Republic or an exclusive indivisible Nigeria. That however, will be determined by a referendum should there be any. I, shall however align myself with the position of my people.

The IPOB Struggle Not Our Interest
The Mr Kanu-led IPOB struggle for an independent Biafra is not in conforminity with legitimate struggle for TWO basic reasons:

1. It promotes hate and violence against the State, other ethnic groups and also against members of Igbo ethnic nationality that does not share the Biafran ideology as preached by Kanu and his IPOB crew. Violence was never part of the UN charter on self-determination

2. The ethnic Nationalities in the Niger-Delta are yet to enter into any agreement with anybody as regard the composition, structure or otherwise of the IPOB proposed country. We are already facing a challenge in Nigeria where our forebearers in their wisdom failed to define terms of our unity as a country. In fact, we are working on correcting these anomalies legitimately.

In addition to the above, I find it disrespectful and insulting on the sensibilities of the Ijaws(Okrikans) and the Ikwerres over claim by some IPOB promoters that Portharcourt belongs to the Igbos and they will “reclaim” it. Unfortunately, no promoter of the IPOB struggle has stated otherwise. For the record, the status of Portharcourt as the exclusive ownership of the Okrikans(PH South) and the Ikwerres is non-negotiable. Specifically, not a single inch of Okrika and other Ijaw land, whether in PH or anywhere else will be surrendered to anyone under any guise. 

I recognise and respect the right of everyone to self-determination but I have to state that the Kanu-led IPOB ideology is not what my people desire. I also respect the right of our Igbo brothers to their own interest but I disagree with call for violence as propagated by members of IPOB.
I remain committed to the interest of the Ijaw nation, the Niger-Delta region and also that of every good citizens of the Nigeria State whether Igbo, Yoruba, Berom, Fulani, Igala, Idoma etc.


The Nollywood actor said: ”It might interest you to know that I visited Nnamdi Kanu when he was in the prison to know his mind. When I interviewed him, he told me some few words, I also cautioned that there was need for us to dialogue and stop the blame game. Let us as true Nigerians tell our selves the truth.”

”Is what Nnamdi Kanu seeking just? Have the Ibo leaders done enough? What have the youth and the traditional rulers done so far, ”Asiegbu asked.

He concluded by saying: ”What happened to those Yorubas and the Hausas married to the Ibos? All we need is dialogue.”

What do you think about his opinion ?


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