Home News We are aware that IPOB gets foreign support – Lai Mohammed
We are aware that IPOB gets foreign support – Lai Mohammed

We are aware that IPOB gets foreign support – Lai Mohammed


Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says the Federal Government ( FG ) believes that, the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, is acting with the assistance of foreign aid.

The Minister made this known on Monday during an interview with Yori Folarin on #TVCThisMorning.

Mr Mohammed said the FG is “are aware as a government that IPOB gets support from many countries for various reasons and we are being extra careful not to play in the hands of Nnamdi Kanu.

” We are happy that the, South East governors have come out clearly to denounce support for IPOB case/theory and that is a blow to them. I am not on this show to talk about the legality of IPOB but to say that the oxygen in which IPOB has been using has been withdrawn by this statement of the south-east governors,” the minister said.

Lai Mohammed continued: ”If the governors of the South Eastern states say they don’t believe in IPOB, on whose behalf are they now acting. The government has the right to check it. Kanu is issuing passport to members and I challenge all the legal experts , to explain what that amounts to in law?

The Minister said: ”FG is warning Nigerians that they should not just look at IPOB from the small prism of Nnamdi Kanu instead look at them as treasury looters who will do anything to distract the government, who is making everything possible to make people believe the government has not done anything. Nigerians should not accept everything the IPOB is saying.”

He continued, ”Nigeria should understand we are living in the world of artificial intelligence, everything is fake as even your voice can be cloned. There’s no persecution of any tribe or any religion in Nigeria but you don’t have the right to threaten the existence of Nigeria

“There is right to self-determination but does not include setting up a government or an army, or even attacking the available army and police.”

He added that IPOB is behaving like an insurgency and no government in the world will tolerate its activities.

Recall that, Nnamdi Kanu’s brother revealed that, the Turkish government sent an emissary to visit Kanu in his hometown, to partner in the areas of infrastructural programmes designed to promote education, roads reconstruction and other projects.

But Turkey government has denied supporting the secessionist agitations in Nigeria and disowned a Turkish citizen, Abdülkadir Erkahraman, who has expressed support for the Biafran agitation.

Nnamdi Kanu,  secured a stringent bail from the Federal High Court in Abuja on April 25, 2017 after being in detention since 2015.

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