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Kano state calls for establishment of more industries

Kano state calls for establishment of more industries


Electricity supply issues, corruption, and high cost of doing business are some of the reasons for the death of numerous Industries in Kano State, Northwest Nigeria.

According to manufacturers in the state, despite the challenges which led to the closure of old companies, new ones are now being established for the industrial sector to remain active.

TVC News Correspondent Ibrahim Isah reports that authorities in Kano state are drawing up modalities that would make industrialists to enjoy doing business in the state.


While some factories in Kano remain closed some are in active production.

Manufacturers  say surviving under the atmosphere created by the country’s economic crisis is tough to say the least. They believe if the government would consider reducing taxes, provide constant electricity and waivers, industries would remain stable and new ones would be established.

Industries producing agro allied products like fertilisers are currently enjoying a boom with the support being given to the Agric sector. Fertiliser producing companies, tomato concentrates making plants and rice mills are now being established as a result of favourable government policies.

Kano State Government says it is laying down modalities that would make activities of business owners to flourish.

Business experts in Kano State believe if the government would consider supporting the commercial sector, the future of manufacturing would be bright.

Already, Kano State has begun signing Memorandum of Understandings with Chinese firms for the establishment of textile industries in the state, Discussions were also made during the Kano Economic Conference on the need to establish an economic city in the state.

Residents and marketers in Kano believe a lot more needs to be done for the state’s commercial sector to compete with other states in the country.

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