Home News APC NWC pledges to support Tinubu’s reconciliation Committee
APC NWC pledges to support Tinubu’s reconciliation Committee

APC NWC pledges to support Tinubu’s reconciliation Committee


Image result for APC NWC pledges to support Tinubu's reconciliation CommitteeThe National Working Committee of the All Progressives Congress has pledged to fully support its National Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to achieve his task of reconciling all aggrieved members and groups in the Party.
It made the pledge on Wednesday when it received Tinubu at the APC national Secretariat in Abuja

Tai Amodu reports that the All Progressives Congress is presently facing conflicts in many of its
states going into the election year and must now think of reconciling many of its aggrieved members if it is to have a fighting chance come 2019.

Recognising this, President Muhammadu Buhari could think of no better personage to lead this reconciliation drive than the APC National leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

And to start off his assignment, Tinubu had visited the President at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday.

On Wednesday the APC National leader made an appearance at the APC National Secretariat where he was warmly received by the national working Committee of the Party.

In his opening remarks to Journalists, Asiwaju Tinubu noted that the Party had come into power with a lot of good will but was now at a point where it needed to reconcile all aggrieved groups within the Party if it was to present a unified front.

Thereafter the APC National Leader and members of the National Working Committee had withdrawn behind closed doors for an exploratory meeting.

Responding to questions after the closed door meeting, the National Working Committee was unanimous in its support for Tinubu in his new assignment, promising to work with him to make it a success.

The APC National Leader has been given a free hand by the President to do all necessary to reconcile aggrieved groups in the party all over the country and is to personally choose those who will work with him in his Reconciliation Committee.

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