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Federal Ministry of Justice inaugurates working group

Federal Ministry of Justice inaugurates working group


The administration of criminal justice committee, under the Federal Ministry Of justice has inaugurated a working group.

The Working Group is to ensure the implementation of section 34 of the criminal justice Act 2015, which stipulates that the “chief magistrate is to visit police stations every month to inspect detention facilities.

Justice Bello inaugurated the group in Abuja.

The committee is expected to serve as a monitoring agent to ensure transparency on the ongoing activities in various detention centers.

Justice Bello noted that the ACJA was “enacted as a solution to the challenge faced by the Nigerian court system.”

He added, “Police stations and detention centres across states should be ACJA- compliant.

“This working group will also act as a monitoring mechanism and also enhance transparency on what goes on in these detention centres.”

The Chief Judge said, “Apart from ensuring that rights of suspects are respected in the detention centres, the group “is being tasked to come up with strategies for the effective implementation of this project.

“The proposed police stations visit will provide a platform to introduce a legal advice scheme to ensure suspects and victims have access to free legal advice and that they are kept in humane conditions as the ACJA anticipates.”

He said the work group was put in place to promote confidence of the public in the criminal justice system and in line with international best practice.

“It is my hope that the inauguration of the working group births the change we want to see in the area of human rights of persons in the police station and other detention centres”

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