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To check phone battery explosion: follow these rules

To check phone battery explosion: follow these rules


There are several reasons why a phone battery might overheat. Sometimes, it is an isolated incident, while others have a fundamental flaw.

There are two main causes of lithium-ion batteries going wrong. The first is when one gets wounded, for instance, in a break or piercing. This could be caused when you drop your phone, which might make the battery short-circuit, causing it to expand and sometimes explode.

Heat is the other main cause of battery fire and is usually related to charging. Charging a battery will result in some heat generation, and if the temperature gets too high then an internal short-circuit can occur, it is not always because the battery itself is faulty.

Here is a guide to help prevent your battery from overheating and your device catching fire:

• Use the correct charger – Ideally, use the supplied charger with your device.

• Unplug once charged – Try and be aware of when your phone is fully charged and unplug it to avoid unnecessary heat build-up

• Charge in a safe place – it might sound silly but don’t leave your phone charging under your pillow all night, for example.

• Remove cases – a case is like putting a jacket on and will restrict heat dissipation so take it off to charge or during other heat-inducing tasks.

• Avoid direct sunlight – your phone won’t get a tan but the sun will heat it up so don’t leave it in places like your car dashboard, especially when charging.

• Let your phone cool – whether you’re charging, gaming or something else, let your phone cool down if it gets hot.

• Avoid pressure – you don’t want the battery to get a puncture so don’t sit on it or allow it to come under excessive pressure.

Source: The Sun


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